Language is always already a posteriori

My object is a non-existent object. Well, that’s not entirely truthful; it simply exists in a manner that you cannot see. It exists in my gap, and only I can know that. I point to a rock and you can name it, but its existence preceded yours. It means you, or rather we, name in a triangulated relation. It is in this manner that we come to be constituted. It is this way we come to conflate meaning with being. It is by naming that something is.

The mind that has formed the aforementioned is a fragmented one. A mind that is always already incomplete. A mind of the gap. But it is only through this mind that what is now came to be. We need to consider that as it relates to us who have become receptacles of the mind. It imbricates us in its roaming and roving assemblage. We cannot escape this bind. We are trapped together.

These things were written then spoken. They are representative of a mind remembering and forgetting. Only I see the silent questions which have caused its formulation. You, by being imbricated, have contributed your own silent questions. And it is in this silence that we come to be constituted. Even though you cannot know my silence, it has formed you. Just as your silence has formed me. Together, we collaborate in this construction. We shall never un/defray the knot that is us. There will always be loose strands. Those strands left undefined. Those strands which we cannot know. Even the collected mass of this room, of your extension, will be unable to tell us of all the strands. This is the sum of human existence. To exist is to exist in the gap. To exist is to exist in the silence.


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